RRT's Asthma Management Program
Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for healthcare. In the current climate of escalating healthcare cost, the cost of chronic diseases is emerging as a chief offender. Asthma has been identified by the Texas Department of Insurance as a leading cause of preventable hospitalizations. "Adherence to treatment can reduce hospital admission rates."

HR 1735, passed into law June 20, 2003, requires that the managed care plans for state employees include disease state management programs for people with chronic illness including asthma. Legislative analysis of the impact of this bill estimates a cost savings of nearly $4 million dollars in the first two years of implementation for all included disease management programs.

As in the past, when the Texas legislature mandates a healthcare benefit for state employees, this could foreshadow expanded regulations for the health insurance industry in Texas. The nearly immediate savings projected by the legislature have made the implementation of asthma management programs a topic for immediate consideration for health management systems throughout the state of Texas.

In addition, to the Texas Legislature's savings projections, other states and organizations that have studied and/or implemented disease state management programs have shown consistent drastic savings in the cost of providing for patients with chronic conditions such as asthma. The key to solving the puzzle of providing better care, increased quality of life for patients and saving money for health care providers rests in educating patients, care-givers, and health care providers at all levels. Offering disease state management for asthmatics will reduce health care utilization.

At Respiratory Resources of Texas, our Asthma Management Program is available throughout the entire state of Texas. Our educators are Licensed Respiratory Therapists supervised by Accredited Asthma Educators. Our program is guaranteed to save your institution money from the first year of implementation, and we can show you how the cost of implementing our program will pay for itself.

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