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Mellanie's Work
Note:This site of work samples is design heavy...because it is easiest to show designs.

I also have done as much web programming and there are Product Management and Usability documents authored by me that are available... and references, too. Just ask!

11+ years Experience with Web Development, Web Design and Web Technologies: Design and implementation of web sites and web applications: server side scripting; database connectivity; cross-browser optimization.

  • 1995-2007: Design and development of dynamic websites. User-centric focus on task analysis, interface design and development, browser compatibility of all client side technologies.
  • 1996-1998: Web design and development of database driven/dynamic sites. Early versions of PHP (version 2?) with MySQL.
  • 1998 to 2003-ish: (plus legacy system work. ;) - ASP/IIS/SQLServer and Access. Including NT/2003 server admin.
  • 2005 to present: Back to PHP 4 and 5. AMP: Apache, MySQL, PHP. 2006 Brainbench Assessments: PHP 5 - Advanced Master. Command line MySql.

Please note: All my development is done in plain text editing software, although I am familiar with version control tools and have used several versions of Dreamweaver.

15+ years experience Illustration and graphic design for online and print media:
  • Graphic design
  • Logo creation and branding
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Brochure/Report formatting
  • PowerPoint Presentations
Additional Experience
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Product Management
  • Teaching/Coaching & Pocess Documentation
  • Project/Task/Team Management

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    Rap/Hip Hop website...(I have turned off the music on my demo site...) so Click Here!
    Note: I know, they are going to take away my usability card for popups and splash pages, but this is what the fans want and like...great feedback on this site and the CSS worked out well.


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    Please note: Money and good publicity usually put me in a good mood.