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As I get rolling with more articles, this space will become more full ;) My intention is to provide average users with good information about security, open source products and getting the most out of their computers. If you want to hear about something specific, please email me! If you want to be notified when new articles are posted, email me! If you want to contribute, email me.

My second (third and fourth) article project is more the tech savvy and I would like to post about usability, development and various other internet trends. I would love different viewpoints, so please consider contributing.

Open Source Product Reviews ...
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May 6, 2006 - How Do I Practice Safe Internet? - Mellanie Hee

It isn't as hard as it looks, but you HAVE to do it. Why? Viruses and trojans (and rootkits, too)- which I will refer to as "viruses" for simplicity (and don't write me about "virii", I am not going there!) - in very simplified terms, can and will destroy/corrupt data, record your keystrokes as you type in your credit card and password information, cause your computer to shut itself down, cause it to not startup, send nasty emails (with attached viruses) to your email contact lists in your name... Read More -->

April 5, 2006 - Do I Really Need A Website? - Mellanie Hee

...Ask your customers where they look for information about businesses like yours. If more than a few say "The Internet," then you probably have reason to spend five hundred bucks or so on a decent website that has information about you and your business that people can find on the web. Otherwise...well, maybe you don't need it. OR, you are not getting your name out to those that DO use the Internet! (Hey, what did you expect? I am trying to sell websites here!)
Where do I start? Read More -->


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